Phased Genome Assemblies and Annotation of Tetraploid Potato

January 11, 2022 - The paper "Phased, chromosome-scale genome assemblies of tetraploid potato reveals a complex genome, transcriptome, and predicted proteome landscape underpinning genetic diversity" by Hoopes et al. has been published in Molecular Plant.

The genome assembly and annotation files are available below. The entire data set for the paper is available on Data Dryad at

JBrowse Genome Browser

Atlantic Genome Assembly:

Atlantic Genome Annotation:

Castle Russet Genome Assembly:

Castle Russet Genome Annotation:

Avenger Genome Assembly:

Avenger Genome Annotation:

Altus Genome Assembly:

Altus Genome Annotation:

Colomba Genome Assembly:

Colomba Genome Annotation:

Spunta Genome Assembly:

Spunta Genome Annotation: