Frequently Asked Questions

 How Can I Export Search Results to a Spreadsheet?

If the data is formatted as an HTML table, you should be able to select the table in your browser and copy and paste it directly into Excel (or any other modern spreadsheet application). This has been tested and found to be working on our site using Firefox -> Microsoft Excel on Mac OS X, and Firefox -> Gnumeric on Linux.

We also make data from our databases available for download on our FTP site, usually as tab-delimited tables which can be imported into all spreadsheet programs.

 Can You Provide Me With a Current Set of All Known Solanaceae Proteins?

The set of all genes predicted on the current set of publicly available Solanaceae BAC sequences is available for download on our FTP site (gene model and protein sequences). We also provide polypeptide sequences from the available Solanaceae PlantGDB PUT EST assemblies translated by ESTScan.

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